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Relations and roles of Thailand in the global society.

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10 May 2023 09:56:10

Relations and roles of Thailand in the global society.

          May 9, 2023, from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., The office of General Education and Electronic Learning Innovation. Conducting teaching and learning for the course GEN0103 Thai Society in a Global Context (e-Learning) with honors from Ajarn Dr. Thailand in the midst of the digital world society Thailand's relations and roles in the global society describes the overall development of international relations and the role of Thailand in the global society. International relations are about the relations between the governments of nation-states that are member nations of the United Nations and also international organizations that have internationally recognized legal status. International relations have a theoretical framework of international relations as a guideline for policy formulation and political behavior between each other. For example, Marxist theory with the former Soviet Union and service applied against liberal theory. and liberal theory Countries that use Marxism are often seen as enemies. Interactions between countries range from formal and informal relations that act on behalf of the state or on behalf of individuals. There is both cooperation and conflict at the same time. International relations have actors at various levels, either state or nation-state (Nation State), non-state actors (Non-State Actors). multinational actor Transnational Actors, Actors, are primarily aimed at protecting the interests of their own groups.

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