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future information technology trends

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23 March 2023 16:51:39

future information technology trends

         Date 22 March 2023 2023 time 08.00-11.00 hrs. The Office of General Education and Electronic Learning Innovation teaching and learning in the course GEN0301 Information Technology for Communication It was an honor that Dr. Sudarat Srima, the lecturer had mentioned future information technology trends The development of information technology is changing rapidly. Future information technology trends that are going to happen include: The development of wireless network technology and the use of 5G technology will change the communication and connectivity of electronic devices in the future. Graphics and multimedia technology The development of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies will be the technologies used to create new experiences. and future news notifications Robotic technology: The use of robots and drones (Drone) in the work will increase the convenience of work and maintenance, such as the use of robots in industrial applications and the use of drones for delivery. product and display technology The development of creative display technologies, such as the use of high resolution displays. (High-Resolution Display) and the use of LED technology in the display itself.

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