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digital literacy

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20 May 2023 12:19:37

digital literacy

         On May 18, 2023, from 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., the Office of General Education and Electronic Learning Innovation. Organize teaching and learning GEN0304 Digital knowledge honored by Ajarn Cattleya Chanda, the instructor has presented to Electronic media which operates using digital codes. Today's programming is based on binary numbers. In this case, digital refers to the distinction between "0" and "1" in representing information. Computers are machines that often interpret digital information. Binary then represents the superior digital data processing layer. by bringing elements of different types of digital media Let's mix together. Which consists of letters (Text), still images (Still Image), animation (Animation), sound (Sound) and video (Video) through a computer system for media Meaning with users interactively (Interactive Multimedia) and has achieved the purpose of use. in each component of All 5 types of multimedia have both advantages. And disadvantages that differ according to the features and methods of use. As for the benefits that can be gained from multimedia, there are many. In addition to improving operational efficiency, it also increases the effectiveness of the investment value as well, depending on how it is applied for maximum benefit.

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