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GE, SSRU Joins GE Network on Instruction Development for Digital Era

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2018-12-14 14:20:32

           On 20 July 2018, Dr. Preecha Pongpeng, Director of the Office of General Education and Innovative Electronic Learning and Dr. Jarumon Nookong, Deputy Director for Academic Affairs, joined the academic meeting on “GE Show and Share – the Instruction Development for Digital Era,” which aimed to exchange and share knowledge in order to achieve the goals specified by TQF, to strengthen academic cooperation, and to promote GE learning-teaching activities in higher education institutions. The activities consisted of the special lecture on “Five Decades of Experience: the Road to Professional Teacher,” with a focus on GE learning-teaching and management; workshop and knowledge exchange amongst academics; Presentation from Khon Kaen University - “Project Based Learning Implementation,” Community Based Learning and Implementation,” and
Digital Tool for GE Management.” In addition, Associate Professor Supab Na Nagara, the first GE Director of KKU also shared his experience on “Tacit Knowledge.” The venue was held at GE Institute, Poj Sarasin Building, Khon
Kaen University.



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