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Resolution of the Council of Academic Degree through the course of 62 years at GE.

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2018-12-19 12:58:24

               On December 12, 2018, The meeting of the academic council of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, No. 12/2018 At the meeting Has a resolution to favor Drafting Bachelor Degree General education Course Update 2019 This course is designed to improve the modern world of education in the future. Students must have fun. Have knowledge and ability to practice. have responsibility Able to work with others. Adapt to society and the environment. To revolutionize and transform the teaching and learning style of new form general education. Consider the course of action to improve the curriculum general education according to university policy assigned at the conference, To increase the general education curriculum by covering the teaching and learning of all units that manage teaching and learning in universities. To be the standard and same style of teaching the university.
In the development of the teaching style of the Office. To achieve learning achievement of learners. Therefore, the development of teaching style for continuous efficiency. Counseling with students Modern fast and the result of continuous development. The number of students enrolled in the general education course is 31,682, with 98.38% of the students passing the exam. Only 1.62% of the students are enrolled. In the development of the curriculum, there will be a working group meeting to develop textbooks and instructional materials. In addition to emphasizing hard skills, it is a skill. The new general education course will focus on the development of soft skills, ie, emotional skills. creativity Personal responsibility and work Ability to work with others. Negotiation skills and bargaining Conflict resolution skills Adaptability and flexibility Clarity of Communication The concept of general education. To enhance the human being, knowledge, understanding, comprehension and self-esteem, others, societies, arts and culture and nature. Continuous improvement Life is good. Helping human friends. And a valuable citizen of Thai Society and World Society.

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