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The 8th/2017 Bureau of General Education board of committee meeting

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2018-09-18 14:06:36

November 8th, 2017 Bureau of General Education and Electronics Educational Innovation convoked the 8th/2017 meeting of the board of Bureau of General Education committees leaded by a chairman; Associate Professor Ruedet Gerdwichai; president, with Assistance Professor Somdet Rungsresawat, Dr. Preecha Pongpeng and eminent persons; lecturer Bunyong Suwanphong, Associate Professor Suphim Sreephanworrasakul, Associate Professor Wanda Sujrit, Assistance Professor Arnat Tapinta, Assistance Professor Sukunya Sreepho and lecturer Aphichat Kumhoumprasert. Agenda are to be informed about student’s request managements, to follow implementation improvements, performance according to budget plan, importance yearly activity operation results, performance of OPDC, risk management result, quality insurance result and KM implementations. Moreover, the committee considered following designations, 3 vice directors of Bureau of General Education namely Dr. Nattaphong Techaratanaset as plan vice director, Dr. Jarumon Nhookong as academic vice director and lecturer Aphisit Ratnatranurakrong as learning innovation research and development vice director. Further agenda were to prepare plan to raise numbers of students attending classes, to teach and practice through tablets, to use new technologies and innovations to create the best learning beneficial and efficient at meeting room number 3422, building 34, 2nd floor.