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University Executive Committee Meeting No. 6/2020

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2020-07-13 11:40:43

University Executive Committee Meeting No. 6/2020

  On 8 June 2020, at 09.30 hrs. Assistant Professor Dr. Preecha Pongpeng, Director of the Office of General Education And acting on behalf of the vice president for administration Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University  Attended the meeting of the University Executive Committee (M.Sc.) No. 6/2020 at the meeting room of the University Council, with the official deputy dean, dean, director, department head and committee attended the meeting in unison   

  With an associate professor Dr. Chutikan Srivibun, acting on behalf of the president of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University Opened the meeting In addition to the important issues notified to the meeting by the chairman, the meeting also acknowledged. Considering and following up on important meeting agenda such as

   Report on the progress of the university according to the resolution of the University Executive Committee Meeting No. 5/2020. Report of the operation according to the strategic direction of the university. Budget Year 2020 (Fast Track) Monthly October 2019 - May 2020

  Including progress reports, performance results, KPIs 1.9.1 Revenue from the Academic Services and Research Services Procurement Fund to full-time lecturers Annual budget for the year 2020, 8 months (1 October 2019 - 20 May 2020) and the financial report for May 2020

  In addition, the meeting considered the representative of the vice-president, representative of the dean, representative of the director In order to be appointed as a committee to assess the appointment of university staff to a higher position In June 2020, amount 1 person and other matters Related as well

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